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I think a lot. I ask questions. I love to learn and make sense of how things come to be understood. I love the psychology of marketing, technology and branding. Products and services that are part of our every day somehow stand out to mean more to us than others. The complexities behind these relationships, the end-to-end customer journey, and how these associations are formed keeps me wanting to learn more. I'm obsessed with brand formation and promises, customer experience, and how marketing can make you feel and act. Read my thoughts on branding and more on my blog. 

Like building a visual brand identity or a marketing campaign, I like to create things. Whether that's writing content and creating a narrative, contributing to the design or product development process, or mastering the best osso bucco of your life. Yes, I'm a foodie and yes I'm from Melbourne. I studied to be a chef, just for fun, so I could create more. Eat more. Learn more. There's more to me than just this.

My latest obsession is design thinking/ human-centred design and CX - how can a brand really create a positive customer experience? 

This site is a portfolio of the various things I've worked on over the years. A place where I share my thoughts and findings as my journey continues.  


Magazines/books I like:
Lucky Peach
Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits
Marketing Magazine
Tipping Point
Brand Positioning
Harvard Business Review

Podcasts I like:
IDEO Futures
Design Matters with Debbie Millman
Monocle 24: The Menu
Conversations with Richard Fidler
Planet Money


Food I like:
Crusty bread with salted butter

Exercise I like:
Spin classes (they allow me to eat bread and butter guilt-free)

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