What is digital? 

Such a buzzword these days. What does digital mean to you?

Isn't digital just another channel for communicating your message? Selling your product? Building relationships? 

The more significant questions should be, which digital channels best suit the objectives of my campaign and resonate with my target audience? And, how can that be measured?

Likes on an Instagram page might be a real driver for your business, while for others monitoring click-through rates isn’t as important as measuring real sales. People might look at your website and buy nothing. As an ongoing part of your business strategy it's important to review your website analytics and measure which channels are working for you. This will help determine how effective your efforts might be or what might need tweaking.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is also really important - making sure your website ranks well, but this needs to be considered just as much as the experience you provide your potential customers when they visit your website or social media channels. 

The digital space is ever-evolving and it moves fast. There are many connected parts to a good digital marketing strategy and understanding how, when and what to tweak can have a great impact on how well a brand succeeds.

The reality is that 'digital' as we know it today, is a primary gateway to sales and communicating with your audience.